English-Italian Localization, Transcreation, Translation, Proofreading and Content Writing

 Bring your product to life in Italy.

I don’t just translate. I go beyond words and create content with meaning.
Because your success is my success.



From your newsletters to your leaflets to your social media content, I’ll use catchy puns, magnetic headlines, and informative yet entertaining content to keep your audience’s eyes peeled.

I can even work with you to create the most spellbinding slogan or product name. Because name is everything!

Because I’ve been doing this for almost 20 years, you can count on me to capture the Italian market and develop a brand you’re proud of.


Gaming is a thriving industry with plenty of room for expansion. You just need to make the next move.

I’ve helped localize a slew of games for gaming companies wanting to break into the Italian-speaking market. Bearing in mind everything from language to culture to politics, I create the kind of game Italians want to play — and will enjoy playing.

Drawing from two decades of experience and my B.A. in Translation, I win every time.



Important materials such as technical manuals, data sheets, surveys, and user guides MUST be clear, concise, free of ambiguity, and should not leave the end user clueless. Understanding how to use something should not be a difficult task. And if it is, expect it to get neglected.

Native Italian with extensive knowledge of the English language, I know what Italians will read and what they’ll abandon. Let me make sure it’s the former for your product.

Beauty & Cosmetics

That’s why you need to win their hearts with your brand. How to do that? First, by presenting a product that’s well-translated and easy-to-read. Second, by providing marketing materials that sing to the Italian audience.
Whatever you need translating or localizing — beauty products, brochures or articles — I’m here to help you find your home in Italy’s beauty and cosmetics market.



Fashion catalogs, brochures or website articles — Italian fashionistas won’t pay attention unless they’re A) written in a language they understand and B) magnetic through and through.

It’s like when you enter a boutique and that little black dress catches your eye. You want it. You have to have it. It’s already yours.

I’ll make your target clients feel the same way about your products. I will install that desire within them through captivating content.


People love their pets and they want what’s best for them. As an animal lover myself and ferret influencer, I understand the time, care, and dedication that goes into being a pet owner.

Thus, your pet website or pet food product needs to convey that same sense of compassion in its content.

Since 2007, I’ve been helping organizations and associations translate their content. Let me help you next.

Sound purrfect?