Professional website translation is key to success

The internet is full of resources to convert content into a new language: between free machine translators, software or apps, anyone can open a window onto another Country. Yet, a professional website translation is key for your brand’s success and ranking, and in this article you will learn why.

As you may have noticed, this type of “machine translations” are often scarce in quality and fail miserably if confronted with “creative” texts – pretty much anything that is not a simple, short, technical passage.

Translating your website with a machine is not only “unadvisable” but it is extremely risky for your business. For instance, if you are not familiar with a language, how can you tell if your automatic translation is good quality?

This is why you need professional website translation services by a native expert: if the message you sponsor on your website is not reliable, your brand will be perceived as unreliable too.

Why should I translate my website into a new language?

  • Your website is easier to find in the Country in which that language is spoken
  • A website with a quality translation (and properly localised content) gains authority and recognition
  • Your services and products are better understandable and thus accessible to a new audience
  • You become stronger than our competitors
  • Your brand is more appealing

Why choosing a professional from… “abroad”?

A good translator, especially when it comes down to website localisation, must be native of the language she/he translates into – not the opposite.

If you do not want to assign a general, not-so-technical translation to a non-native professional, you definitely do not want to assign a non-native the translation of your website.


Because “to localise” is more than just translating, it means bringing that content into another Country, into a culture. It is key to recognise if a certain expression, term, even colour or symbol, or sound, will be perceived negatively by the reader in that Country.

This type of nuances can be picked up only by someone coming from that Country, who can highlight the issue, explain it, and offer a proper solution – being it linguistic or not.

Another interesting point that is not always considered, or not deemed relevant, is the need to hire a professional from that Country.

A professional native born and raised in the Country in which we want to market our products or services, and not only a native of that language…

Yes, because the English spoken in America is different than the English spoken in the UK, in Australia, in India, and each of these Countries have complete different cultural nuances that need to be taken into account when localising your content.

A non-native could never do that.

These details may weighs down the final budget but are imperative if you want to invest your money in a profitable way.

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